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Ash Brown

Ash (she/her) is a clinical herbalist, medicine maker and creative who was drawn to herbalism because of her own lifelong health issues. Her approach to herbalism combines traditional wisdom about plant medicine, modern evidence-based science and clinical nutrition. Her primary focus is on neurological conditions with their often multi-system involvement, although she embraces the opportunity to work with anyone who feels called to work with her.

Forrest Tracy Chalmers lll

Forrest Tracy Chalmers (He/Him) is a functional herbalist, massage therapist, movement therapist, and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. The integration of science and tradition forms the core of Forrest’s philosophy.

Thomas Easley, RH

Thomas’ (He/Him) typical client has been struggling with chronic and often complex conditions for several years. They’ve normally been to several doctors and even other herbalists before they come see Thomas.

Mel Kasting, RH

Mel (She/Her) is a Western clinical herbalist. She works with diet, lifestyle, herbs, and supplements to strengthen your body to heal itself.


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Clinical Herbal Certification

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